Over more than 30 years, Trade-a-Boat has been a must-buy boating title. Affectionately called The Boat-Buyer’s Bible and the Book of Dreams, Trade-a-boat teams new and used boats for sale with expert editorial. Together, it is a valuable resource and research tool, and a pleasure to read.

In today’s environment it is increasingly difficult to reach the consumer during the decision-making process, however, Trade-a-Boat provides a direct link to just this. Readers purchase Trade-a-Boat in a buying frame of mind, they use the magazine as an information source, when looking to purchase marine-related kit, lifestyle products, fishing accessories and weather gear.

It is no surprise that those involved with Trade-a-Boat receive results. 


  • 57% of readers have been reading the magazine for more than six years
  • 88% of readers own a boat
  • 67% of readers use their boat more than 30 days a year
  • 56% of readers are employed as either managers or professionals, and almost half have a combined income in excess of $80,000

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