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An Australasian boating icon, Trade-a-Boat magazine has been a must-buy boating title over more than 30 years. Affectionately called The Boat-Buyer’s Bible and the Book of Dreams, Trade-a-Boat teams new and used boats for sale with expert editorial.

Trade-a-Boat magazine uses an established team of boat-owner contributors. Our writers go boating for work and pleasure. All our crew own boats, are experts in their fields, and are firm believers in their craft and passion. They tell the reader the truth when testing a boat, writing about new gear, or sharing our DIY secrets. Our writers write with absolute authority and this is what makes our editorial strong and unique.

Trade-a-Boat is the authority when it comes to new and used boats for sale. Whether it’s analysing a second-hand classic in our extremely popular Pre-loved column or buyers’ guides on everything from inflatables to the latest big white boats, you can rest assured that Trade-a-Boat will have the last word when it comes to buying and selling.


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