NEWS - Red tape reforms to help careers in maritime

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NSW Ports and Waterways Minister Joe Tripodi has announced reforms aimed at streamlining commercial boating licence requirements, thereby making it easier for people to find work in the maritime industry.

"Cutting red tape will assist hundreds of people each year to get jobs on a variety of commercial craft such as ski boats, charter yachts and ferries," Mr Tripodi said.
"These reforms will make it easier for commercial operators to do business while maintaining appropriate standards of public safety."
The reforms include new procedures for issuing General Purpose Hand (eg. deckhands) endorsements on the spot at all NSW Maritime offices in a move expected to benefit an estimated 500 people a year.
"Ski clubs and other commercial operators will also benefit from new streamlined requirements for drivers of water-ski and aquaplane vessels," Mr Tripodi said.
"Operators will only need a general boat licence or PWC licence instead of the current commercial qualification."
Other reforms include:
• Operators of beach haul fishing vessels now only require a general boat licence or PWC licence;
• Recognition of commercially endorsed Yachtmaster Certificates issued by Yachting Australia to make it easier for people holding these qualifications to work on a range of commercial vessels in NSW for which a coxswain certificate is required.
Mr Tripodi said the reforms are part of a continuing process of improving services and reducing red tape for vessel operators and people seeking a career in the commercial maritime sector.


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