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1976 Haines V19R boat The Haines V19R was bought new.
Large haul of snapper in trailerboat When was the last time you saw such a fine haul of snapper?
1976 Haines V19R boat being lifted on flatbed truck The original trailer was unsound so Brentmar was transported on a flatbed. Note the original 200hp Evinrude V6.
New 150 hp Suzuki outboarwd fitted to 1976 Haines V19R The transom was in superb condition, even after all this time. This made it easy to add a new 150hp Suzuki four-stroke.
150hp Suzuki engine on 1976 Haines V19R transom So far the new Suzuki has performed wonderfully.
Lowrance marine electronics on 1976 Haines V19R Hunts Marine installed a suit of Lowrance marine electronics, including a Lowrance HDS-12 unit.
1976 Haines V19R boat on new trailer Sales Trailers built the new boat trailer.
New bimini on 1976 Haines V19R Bayside Boat Covers & Upholstery Service and Viking Marine did the wonderful stainless job.
Boat seats on 1976 Haines V19R Bayside Boat Covers also did the seating.

This 1976 Haines Hunter V19R has been in the same family since it was bought new. 40 years and one long restoration later, it looks better than ever.

Trent fondly remembers the day. It was 1976 and his father had just shaken hands with the team from Hunts Marine, Blakehurst on a new Haines Hunter V19R. We all know the Haines V19R — most of us lust after one, so much that the lucky crew here even have an on-going Haines V19R project boat.

Trent’s father, and his before him, had a strong bond with Hunts Marine, having bought boats from the team since 1950. The Haines V19R, like boats before it, was destined to become the family fishing and ski boat. Over time, as the family grew up, the boats’ use slipped, passers-by tried to buy it but Trent’s father always planned to rebuild her. More time went by before eventually a persistent Trent was rewarded with ownership transferring to him in August 2015.

By this stage the trailer was not trustworthy so Trent had a flatbed take the complete rig to Splits Fibreglass Boat Repairs, Taren Point, to begin what was a fast but thorough rebuild.

1976 Haines V19R project boat restoration
Brentmar Haines V19R project boat is finally restored.


Haines Hunter V19R boat restoration

Original 1976 Haines V19R being towed
How good are the matching retro colours?

Craig Kass and his team took the Haines V19R project boat back to bare glass, touching up what was needed before giving the boat a new colour in resplendent white. While there, Trent opted for a new windscreen over the typical wave-breaker design doing the rounds currently. We applaud the windscreen look — it enhances the already sleek lines of the hull — but call us old-school, we would have kept the original colour.

Trent was lucky to find the transom in perfect condition, probably helped by the fact the original 200hp Evinrude V6 outboard motor had never been removed. In addition, the boat was well cared for and loved by the family.

As a fly-in, fly out worker, doing most of his hours in WA, Trent needed to rely on locals to work for him unsupervised. So while the boat was being painted, the trusty team at Sales Trailers, Peakhurst, were commissioned to build a new, better trailer.

Now ready to roll with a restored Haines V19R on new trailer, the tedious but important task of fit-out was next.

Cabin during 1976 Haines V19R boat restoration
The original dash was kept while a new windscreen makes an appearance.

Trent did a heap of research and returned to Hunts Marine. A 150hp Suzuki four-stroke outboard went on the back — with hydraulic steering, of course. While some Haines V19R lovers (us included) run 200hp outboard engines, the truth is, as Trent points out, a 150hp outboard motor is fine. He routinely does 80km from this reliable Suzuki outboard engine.

While at Hunts Marine, a suite of Lowrance marine electronics went in, including a Lowrance HDS-12, VHF with AIS, FUSION stereo, Rule bilge pump and twin batteries to keep it all going at rest.

Peter McNally Marine Electronics got the job of wiring up the new switch gear and pumps.

Good mates Bayside Boat Covers & Upholstery Service and Viking Marine were responsible for the impressive stainless and canvas work. Another nice touch is the removable extension on the rear. It gives more shade for family days but is removable for the boys’ trips when shoulder room matters most. Bayside also did the boat seating, plus some of the most impressive coaming pads we have seen.

Stainless steel on 1976 Haines V19R project boat
The bimini frame is adaptable to family days or for fishing trips.

You might have noticed that Trent kept the original name of the Haines V19R project boat restoration. If you’re wondering what it means, it’s a mash-up of his and his brother’s names.

So where to from here? With his own family now enjoying the Haines Hunter V19R, it’s onto the next generation, who no doubt will soon start to ask when they can buy it.

New coaming pads on 1976 Haines V19R
Extensive coaming pads made their way in. We reckon they're some of the best we've seen.


1976 Haines Hunter V19R project boat specs

Length 5.94m

Beam 2.37m


1976 Haines Hunter V19R project boat cost

Purchase price Mates rates

Refit and trailer $36,000

Outboard motor and fitout $24,000

TOTAL COST Over $60,000


5 project boat restoration tips

From Mark

1. Keep asking. They might say yes – like my dad did.

2. Listen to the pros. They have seen it before, including the bad stuff.

3. Spend it once and spend it right. You won’t regret it.

4. Follow your dreams!

5. Don’t overdo it because you read something on the internet — keep it simple.


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