NEWS - Australia claims world speed sailing record

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Australia’s Macquarie Speed Sailing Team are claiming a new speed record in excess of 50kts

NEWS - Australia claims world speed sailing record
NEWS - Australia claims world speed sailing record

Macquarie Innovation has broken the 50-knot barrier with an average speed run of 50.43kts achieved at Sandy Point, near Wilson’s Promontory, Vic, on March 26.

The hi-tech, two-person yacht with a solid aerofoil rig raced along the 500m course reaching a maximum speed of 54.23kts in 24kts of wind.

Macquarie Innovation is raced by the Macquarie Speed Sailing Team who are now waiting ratification of the record from the World Sailing Speed Record Council of ISAF. A final reduced average time of 50.08kts is expected after factoring in variables, like wave effect and tidal variances, are taken into account.

The Macquarie team set about breaking the 50-knot barrier in 1993 and has planned further speed record attempts over the coming weeks.


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