News - Ethanol Backfires in Boats

By: David Lockwood, Photography by: David Lockwood

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Now authorities such as the NSW Maritime Authority are issuing warnings about ethanol-blended fuel in boats.

News - Ethanol Backfires in Boats
News - Ethanol Backfires in Boats
Maybe it's coincidence but following likely class action in America, authorities in Australia are now advising skippers to check with local boat dealers about the suitability of ethanol fuel mixes for their marine petrol engine.

A number of risks have been identified: ethanol can affect some fibreglass fuel tanks and act as a solvent; it can affect older fuel lines, seals and gaskets; and the fuel can separate into the petrol and ethanol components if condensation forms in the tank or fuel is stored for extended periods.

Further, it's been established that you actually drive your dollar further on unleaded fuel.

For these reasons, we reckon boaties should give the E blends a wide berth.


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