PHOTOS: A few offbeat images

By: lockwood, Photography by: lockwood

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Just a few pics of something different on the waterways...

PHOTOS: A few offbeat images
PHOTOS: A few offbeat images
When you are on the water as often as Trade-a-boat you happen along some different things. Pictured above is a stirring winter sunset with a Swanson yacht at Sugarloaf Bay in upper Middle Harbour during a Sydney winter that, well, wasn't; the electric-powered Duffy launches like this 16 Classic are all the rage in America and gathering momentum Down Under; info needed on this offbeat steam-powered launch we stumbled across while testing a Sea Ray sportscruiser on Port Hacking; and a little or fairy penguin on Sydney Harbour, from Australia's last mainland colony, which wasn't at all perturbed by the aforesaid electric launch as we gad past. Watch this space for details of more interesting and alternative craft from our travels. - DL.


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