NEW YACHTS - NEEL 50 trimaran

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Multihull Solutions appointed exclusive Australasian distributor for NEEL Trimarans

NEW YACHTS - NEEL 50 trimaran
NEW YACHTS — NEEL 50 trimaran

Global cruising has stepped up a notch in the speed stakes with the launch of the exhilarating NEEL 50 trimaran that takes the multihull to the next stage of its evolution.

Australian distributor Multihull Solutions told Trade-a-Boat the NEEL 50, unlike preceding trimarans that have a main body with two slim pontoons, is designed with a full-beam coach house while retaining the principal hull shapes that give these yachts greater speed and stability over their catamaran cousins.

NEEL Trimarans is a newly launched French company created by Eric Bruneel, who has an impressive range of sailing achievements including racing trimarans around-the-world and business successes to his name including 25 years as managing director of Fountaine Pajot Catamarans.

"Unlike most trimarans, which traditionally have a main body and two thin pontoons, Bruneel has managed to build a full-beam coach house onto the NEEL 50. The result creates massive storage options in the central hull, and the outer pontoons, which become tender and watersports gear garages," a spokesperson for Multihull Solutions told Trade-a-Boat.

Multihull Solutions said the revolutionary NEEL 50 trimaran has been hailed by critics as a new generation in multihull performance, comfort and design. A complete boat costs €777,777 ex-factory (approx $A1.274 million).

Innovatively designed to offer large volumes while maintaining superior offshore performance, the distributor said the NEEL 50 has a voluminous platform fitted on slim floats and hulls and is significantly faster than traditional cruising catamarans.

The rigging design, it said, has been inspired by racing trimarans, which enables the NEEL 50 to achieve impressive average cruising speeds of more than 10kts and the capability to reach up to 20kts in good winds. In recent preliminary sea trials, the NEEL 50 is said to have reached 9kts with 12kts of wind, increasing to 10.5kts when the wind lifted to 15kts.

"Using only the finest in fittings and materials, including an expansive square top main, Vectran shrouds and forestay, a generous reacher, carbon rudder and excellent central weight distribution to minimise pitching, the remarkable trimaran is an outstanding achievement in yacht design," said the blurb from Multihull Solutions.

Among the unique features are things like the sails being hoisted and trimmed from inside with only the genoa operated from the external helm station.

The NEEL 50’s broad width (36.7ft or 11.18m) brings optimal stability in high seas and its PVC foam sandwich construction and anti-collision partitions make the trimaran unsinkable and even lighter than water, claimed the distributor.

Three fins protect the hulls, rudder and propeller, while the main fin enables the NEEL 50 to land on a ramp or beach for exploring or sheltering in inclement weather.

NEEL Trimarans appointed composite-structure design company TENSYL to ensure the NEEL 50 featured an optimised construction due to that company’s vast experience in the structural calculation of racing and cruising composite multihulls.

According to Multihull Solutions, the NEEL 50 was designed by the internationally renowned team of Joubert-Nivelt and boasts a state-of-the-art interior that sets new standards in contemporary style.

"With three very modern and spacious 90m² double cabins, two single berths (which can be converted into double beds) and two sleek bathrooms, it has an abundance of living space while not compromising style," said the distributor. "Its innovative interior connects the two living wings with a spacious loft-style platform at cockpit level. Her generous 650m² living area has two-metre headroom and comprises a gourmet galley, piano nook and a panoramic saloon for relaxation and entertaining."

Multihull Solutions added that main equipment is confined to a large section in the primary hull including the engine, electronics, plumbing, fuel and water tanks plus extra storage space to allow for optional installation of a generator, desalinator or air-conditioning.

Multihull Solutions services the Asia Pacific representing an exclusive range of some of the world’s leading sail and power catamarans and trimarans including Fountaine Pajot, Trawler, Sunreef Yachts, Catana and Dolphin Catamarans.

For further information, phone (07) 5452 5164, email: or visit


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