Riviera's Summer Showcase

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Dealerships in two countries unite for one last sale in 2009

Riviera's Summer Showcase
Riviera’s Summer Showcase

Riviera reckons its Summer Showcase (November 25 to December 9) could be your last chance to secure that dreamboat and spend the festive season exploring some of Australia and NZ’s unspoiled waterways.

In eight locations across Australia and NZ, Riviera said its R Marine Network will showcase millions of dollars worth of brand-new and pre-loved Riviera’s in selected models from across the Flybridge, Offshore Express and Sport Yacht ranges.

Riviera said that all boats on display can be delivered before Christmas, in time to enjoy this festive season on board a new five-star waterfront home.

"What better way to cruise out 2009 and leave all the woes of the world behind you as you propel forward into 2010 on board your very own luxurious Riviera," said the Australian luxury boatbuilder.

According to Riviera, this same event ran last year and was a huge success with hundreds of boating enthusiasts from Whangarei in northern NZ to Fremantle in WA inspecting both new and pre-loved models.

Each R Marine dealership will host individual activities around this event so contact your local dealership for more information about models on display and stock by visiting www.rmarine.com.au

Riviera offers 20 different models from 36 to 85 feet across four model series Flybridge, Sport Yacht, Offshore Express and Motor Yachts.

For more information, visit www.riviera.com.au

Photos: Riviera 48 Offshore Express; Rivera’s new 5000 Sport Yacht.


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