NEW PRODUCTS - Waterbuoy to the rescue

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Never lose anything overboard again with the Waterbuoy miniature floatation device

NEW PRODUCTS - Waterbuoy to the rescue
NEW PRODUCTS - Waterbuoy to the rescue

If you’re concerned about losing car keys, mobile phones, cameras and other valuable items to the briny, then a nifty clip-on attachment called Waterbuoy can give you peace-of-mind afloat.

The manufacturer claims Waterbuoy to be the world’s strongest self-activating miniature floatation device, which can lift a weight of up to 1kg back to the surface. Utilising a splash-proof trigger mechanism, which activates seconds after submersion, the device ejects a special gas-filled balloon, which lifts the Waterbuoy cartridge and the attached item back to the surface.

Waterbuoy is also said to be the only miniature floatation device that is visible at night, with a flashing light that can be seen for some distance and up to 24 hours.

Distributor Marine Solutions said that more than 80 per cent of items lost overboard are lost during low light, usually when loading or unloading the boat in the early morning or late in the evening.

With a RRP under $20, Waterbuoy is available Australia-wide via Marine Solution’s online store at


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