NEWS - Marine Rescue NSW new members

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Two more former VRA units now aboard with Marine Rescue NSW

NEWS - Marine Rescue NSW new members
NEWS – Marine Rescue NSW new members

Last Saturday, former VRA volunteer marine rescue units — Terrigal on the Central Coast and Tuross on the South Coast — began their first weekend as full units of Marine Rescue NSW.

"I congratulate all members of those organisations for their resolute decision," said A/Commissioner Marine Rescue NSW, Glenn Finniss. "The Board and I look forward to working with both units, together with all other units that have now moved over to be part of Marine Rescue NSW as it goes forward into even more exciting times."

This now brings Marine Rescue NSW up to 33 operational Units along the NSW Coastline.

These include all of the former Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol units and the Volunteer Rescue Association marine squads of Port Macquarie, Shoalhaven, Wooli, Woolgoolga, Brunswick Heads, and Camden Haven.

"In the not-too-distant future we are looking forward to welcoming the remaining VRA Squads and the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard NSW flotillas onboard as well," said Finniss.

Marine Rescue NSW says it has experienced strong support and recognition from the boating community since its official launch just over two months ago on New Year’s Day.

"This is most evident from the almost universal adoption by recreational skippers of the new Marine Rescue radio call signs for our radio bases", said Finniss.

"The simplicity of knowing that they only need to call a Marine Rescue unit has removed much of the previous uncertainty about which of three volunteer rescue organisations a skipper should call."

"I would especially like to commend the Tuross members for having their new rescue vessel ready to go in Marine Rescue colours. This will be the third vessel on the South Coast operating in the new colours, with others ready to follow suit during 2010 maintenance schedules.

"Marine Rescue NSW has ambitious and achievable plans for the future to provide Australia’s best marine rescue safety net for the boating public. We are building a model of expertise and co-operation here in NSW that will provide a proven blueprint that can be adopted nationally," Finniss said.

Photo: New Marine Rescue NSW Tuross rescue vessel during accreditation tests.


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