NEWS - Riviera rides high at Sydney boat show

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Boat show sales exceed $26 million

NEWS - Riviera rides high at Sydney boat show
NEWS - Riviera rides high at Sydney boat show

Australian boatbuilder Riviera said it achieved an amazing result at last weekend’s Sydney International Boat Show selling 19 new boats over the five days of the event and winning an award for Display Excellence at the marina.

Riviera’s new-boat sales were across the Flybridge, Sport Yacht and Offshore Express ranges and included multiple sales of the 47 Enclosed Flybridge, 5000 and 5800 Sport Yachts with a total value of $26,246,000.

"The incredible popularity of the new 43 Open Flybridge continues with four sales achieved at the Sydney International Boat Show," said the boatbuilder.
"Since its launch in late May several international orders have also been received.
Riviera now holds orders for 16 of these exciting new models."

Riviera said the announcement of the new 53 Enclosed Flybridge was well received on day one of the boat show.
"This new model retains the distinctive Riviera styling but incorporates a new generation of technology and comfort," said the company.

"The 53 combines contemporary thinking with traditional Riviera elements. There is a lot of boat for its length and a great many key design features including an enclosed flybridge, internal staircase, full-beam master cabin, a total of three cabins, two bathrooms, aft galley and the flexibility of choice with a range of different pod-drive and engine-plant configurations. This new model has been entirely designed around these proven and efficient drives and is due for release in March 2011," Riviera said.

Riviera CEO John Anderson said these results showed the market was falling in love with Riviera’s new designs and new thinking.

"This result supports our belief that superior design, technology and world-class quality are the hallmarks of Riviera and these virtues have allowed us to emerge from the Global Financial Crisis in a very convincing manner," said Anderson. "To have sold 40 new boats over the past eight weeks between the Sanctuary Cove and Sydney shows is a tremendous result for the Riviera brand, our loyal owners and our dedicated staff."

Riviera’s brand and communications manager Stephen Milne said the sales results were a direct reflection of the factory teams working in partnership with Riviera’s dealers.

"It was a tremendous team effort showcasing Riviera at its best at SIBS," Milne said. "The mood on our display was very positive and it felt like 2005 in terms of clients wanting to secure their new Riviera just as soon as possible."

The boatbuilder said shares in Riviera Syndication boats were snapped up by enthusiastic owners in the Sydney-based 5800 Sport Yacht that sold out at the show.

Riviera said four more boats are on order including a second 5800 Sport Yacht for Sydney, a second 5000 Sport Yacht for Sydney, which has already sold eight of the 10 shares, a new 5800 Sport Yacht for Hamilton Island and a 5800 Sport Yacht for Sanctuary Cove.

Riviera Syndication managing director John Russell said it was a "stunning response at the show."

"It was by far the best boat show ever for Riviera Syndication," said Russell.

"It’s an absolute credit to Riviera, their Sport Yacht range is leaving people speechless. People are stepping onboard and saying ‘wow’.

"One of the features of our new Syndication in the 5800 Sport Yacht is we move the boats to various locations throughout the year so our Sydney owners get to visit the Whitsundays and our Sanctuary Cove owners get to visit the Whitsundays and Sydney," he said.

Riviera said its I Love Riv team greeted more than 300 guests on the Saturday night of the show for the launch party held on the company’s floating display.

Milne said spirits were very high as partygoers celebrated the launch of Riviera’s 43 and 53 flybridges and the company’s strong performance over the past 12 months.

"All 13 boats were open for our VIP guests who were treated to fine champagne and canapés, while being entertained by three of Australia’s and the UK’s brightest talents," said Milne.

Anderson said Riviera started a new production line at its Coomera Gold Coast facility on Monday this week to help meet growing local and international demand.

"We are also now actively recruiting quality people to work with us on this new production line and have rehired several of our previous staff that we were forced to let go last year as the Global Financial Crisis impacted the boating industry," said Anderson.

"We have done a great deal of work in restructuring our dealer network over the past six months and the results of this show confirm the strength of these changes," he said.

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Photos: Three performers entertained over 300 guests at Riviera's launch party; Riviera's 5800 Sport Yacht left people speechless at the Sydney boat show; Riviera's floating display received an award for display excellence; The incredible popularity of the new 43 Open Flybridge continues with 16 orders for this new model; The new 53 Enclosed Flybridge incorporates a new generation of technology and comfort.


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