NEWS - NSW marine rescue groups merge

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Marine Rescue NSW and Coast Guard reach agreement on unification

NEWS - NSW marine rescue groups merge
NEWS – NSW marine rescue groups merge

Commissioner Glenn Finniss of Marine Rescue NSW (MRNSW) announced today a major agreement has been reached in regards to the amalgamation of the MRNSW and the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association (AVCGA).

The MRNSW and AVCGA National signed an in-principle agreement supporting a unification process last Monday, September 13.

This agreement, with the approval of the AVCGA National membership, will permit willing NSW AVCGA flotillas, including all their assets, cash at bank, licences and leases to be formally signed over with them when each unit transfers to MRNSW.

The commissioner and the MRNSW board said they are pleased with the heads of agreement document and will work with AVCGA National to ensure the transition process runs smoothly and commences as soon as possible.

"I am delighted that AVCGA have reached this agreement with MRNSW and we look forward to working with all Marine Rescue NSW volunteers. With the agreement of AVCGA national membership, we anticipate that a formal deed of agreement will be entered into within the next four to six weeks" said Finniss

Photo: Commissioner Glenn Finniss, Marine Rescue NSW.


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