NEWS - SBM Maritimo's new concierge service

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Sydney dealership’s free service for its busy boat-owner clients

NEWS - SBM Maritimo's new concierge service
NEWS - SBM Maritimo’s new concierge service

Sydney luxury boat dealer, SBM Maritimo, has introduced an innovative new service for its clients — Maritimo Platinum Concierge.

"The service aims to assist our busy owners by managing every aspect of ownership, from refuelling and washing down to provisioning, cleaning up and making beds, starting engines and checking all systems before a day on the water," said SBM Maritimo principal Steve Batton.

Maritimo Platinum Concierge staff can even deliver a vessel to a jetty to meet owners and their guests. The new service is available exclusively to all clients of SBM Maritimo.

"This service normally attracts a $2000 joining fee," said Batton. "(But) our clients will join free so the only costs incurred are for the services they require.

"Just think how much extra time you would have to enjoy your boat if someone looked after all this," he said.

All SBM Maritimo clients need do is to contact the office in Mosman, phone (02) 9968 1222, to receive a detailed briefing of costs and services.

Photo: SBM Maritimo principal Steve Batton (left) welcomes Concierge manager Mark Riley.

For further information, contact Maritimo marketing director Luke Durman, phone (07) 5588 6001 or


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