NEWS ALERT - Lost cargo boating hazard

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AMSA warns mariners of lost cargo near Coffs Harbour

NEWS ALERT - Lost cargo boating hazard
NEWS ALERT — Lost cargo boating hazard

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has issued a warning for mariners to keep a lookout for floating debris after a cargo ship lost an estimated 600 packs of timber cargo off Coffs Harbour, despite surveillance of the area revealing no sign of the missing timber.

The Panama registered Mimasaka was forced to make an unscheduled emergency stop off Yamba last Monday after encountering bad weather 43nm northeast of Coffs Harbour. The 128m ship has since weighed anchor and resumed its course to Singapore.

"The vessel had been en route from Burnie in Tasmania to Singapore," said David Hunter, NSW Maritime Manager Regional Ports and Shipping Safety.

"NSW Maritime’s harbour master for the Port of Yamba provided assistance to the Mimasaka, which anchored 2.2nm off Yamba to secure its remaining cargo. The AMSA was also providing timely shipping and safety advice," he said.

The AMSA Australian Rescue Coordination Centre has been liaising directly with the master and agent for the vessel, which had been anchored off Yamba in 30m of water since last Monday.

"Divers and welders from the Yamba region have been working on the vessel to re-secure the remaining cargo, while the master and shipping operators have been completing necessary documentation for the unscheduled stop over," said Hunter.

"NSW Maritime’s tug Francis Freeburn provided transport between the vessel and the shore in this effort.

"The Mimasaka rode securely at its anchor off Yamba allowing the crew to safely prepare the vessel to resume its voyage late Thursday.

"Further unfavourable weather during the week slowed down the effort to get the Mimasaka back at sea, but it is now on its way to Singapore, via Brisbane."


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