NEW PRODUCTS - Nautica inflatable Pool

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Keep the stingers at bay with a meshed pool off the back of your boat

NEW PRODUCTS - Nautica inflatable Pool
NEW PRODUCTS — Nautica inflatable Pool

Perfect for the tropical north, or anywhere else for that matter where troublesome sea creatures tend to give you a nip or two, is Nautica’s inflatable aquatic pool.

Trade-a-Boat reckons it’s a great idea, particularly as you can take it with you and tie it to the back of your big boat or yacht, even the waterside berth.

Featuring Hypalon tubes (inflated by a standard air-compressor) the pool has a lightweight mesh on all sides and is completely enclosed under. The mesh is light, does not absorb water and has holes no larger than 1in.

The pool’s Australian distributor, Sydney's Hurley Marine says the tough mesh doesn’t tear and is dense, "almost like a wall underwater". For the North of the country this means swimming free of dangerous stingers, jellyfish and other nasty sea life, wherever you drop anchor. It is also said to keep you safe from currents.

Hurley Marine added the Nautica Pool can be customised to any length, width, depth or color and netting available, and that the tender can easily be tied to it as well.

Approx price for a 20ft x 20ft pool with a depth of 12 feet is around $26,000 (inc. GST and shipping).

For more information, contact Hurley Marine, phone +61 420 509 443, email: or visit


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