NEWS - Raymarine Extended Warranty program

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Customers benefit from three years peace of mind

NEWS - Raymarine Extended Warranty program
NEWS — Raymarine Extended Warranty program

Raymarine says its commitment to excellence in service standards and customer support is being further enhanced with its new three-year Extended Warranty program.

From January 1 this year, Raymarine said all new products are eligible for a three-year warranty at no additional cost. "Users simply need to register their new products online at and the standard two-year warranty is automatically extended by a further 12 months free of charge," the company said.

Raymarine continued the new Extended Warranty program demonstrated its confidence in the high standards of quality and reliability that have been designed into its products across the board.

The company said it specialises in developing products specifically for the marine environment, combining industry-leading technology with intuitive robust design.

As part of the new-product development cycle, Raymarine said all products
are required
to pass extensive destruction testing at its in-house test facilities — where they are shaken, baked, frozen and deluged — prior to on-the-water trials by a specialist fleet of testers around the world and onboard Raymariner, the company’s dedicated test boat.

"This attention to every detail — from the smallest internal component to the largest colour screen or product casing — ensures that Raymarine’s products are completely fit for purpose and able to withstand the punishing conditions they are subjected to at sea," Raymarine said.

Chris Jones, director of product management, said; "We are delighted to be able to offer an extended warranty to 36 months, which gives buyers complete peace of mind that their purchase is fully protected.

"By registering at the website, users will not only get the additional 12 months warranty, but they can also discover a host of additional benefits including Raymarine’s interactive knowledge bank, dynamic information management for users’ questions and answers, and top tips on using their Raymarine equipment," he said.

For more information, phone (02) 9479 4800 or visit


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