Cyclone Yasi update

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Marine Queensland warns boaters to prepare for storm

Cyclone Yasi update
Cyclone Yasi update

With Cyclone Yasi expected to hit Queensland's coastline tomorrow, Marine Queensland has reminding boaties to stay safe and get their boats ready for the expected strong winds and rain.

"With proper planning and preparation you can secure your boat and rest easy," said Don Jones, CEO at Marine Queensland.

Marine Queensland provided the following tips to ensure boats can remain safe for another day.

  • Undertake trailer maintenance checks to prevent the risk of a trailer breakdown when moving your boat to safety.
  • Ensure your boat is tightly secured to the trailer and, where possible, secure the boat and trailer to fixed objects. If the boat is lightweight it is also a good idea to consider letting some air out of the trailers tires.
  • Remove and secure all loose items on your boat.
  • Make sure your boat, trailer and equipment are marked with your Hull Identification Number (HIN) or driver's licence number. It is also a good idea to take a photograph and record an inventory of your boat, trailer and equipment.
  • If your boat is in a marina, contact the marina to find out what the cyclone contingency plan is. Your berthing contract may outline steps that you will need to carry out in the event of a severe storm.

Visit the Bureau of Meteorology's website, or call the Bureau on 1300 360 426 for the latest weather forecasts and warnings.

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