NEW PRODUCTS - 'Disappearing' saloon doors

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Besenzoni concept creates ‘no door’ saloon bulkhead, enlarging onboard living space

NEW PRODUCTS - 'Disappearing' saloon doors
NEW PRODUCTS — ‘Disappearing’ saloon doors

Luxury pleasureboat builders are now able to transform the cockpit and the saloon into a single and seamless space with ingenious ‘disappearing’ saloon doors from Italian company Besenzoni.

Already installed as standard outfit on numerous prestigious yachts, mainly the Ferretti Group, the saloon doors drop down into the sole, thereby keeping the bulkhead sides as wide as required and door-less.

Basically, the three-piece door system works by merging the outer panels in-line with the bigger central door, and these all drop into a cavity below lounge height (as in the photos hereabouts). According to Bensenzoni’s Australian distributor Gineico, the doors could also possibly be made to go below the sole depending on the available hull space.

The doors are fitted with transparent glass mounted on polished or powder coated stainless steel frames and are independent from one another. The drive mechanism is available in either manual or hydraulic operation and customisable as are the locking systems.

Gineico said Besenzoni’s drop-down saloon door concept is now being used by several yachtbuilders following the expiry of a contractual arrangement for exclusive use by Ferretti.

For more information, contact Gineico, phone (02) 9690 1522, fax (02) 9690 1822 or email:

Photos: The magnificent Pershing 80 fitted with Besenzoni’s drop-down saloon doors; activated, the door system brings the outer panels in-line with the central pane; they all
drop below the cockpit forward lounge (in this particular set-up), seamlessly merging cockpit with saloon. You’ll also not the extendable cockpit awning, another Besenzoni add-on.


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