NEW SAIL - Dragonfly swarm

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Quorning Boats develops two new Dragonfly Swing Wing Trimarans

NEW SAIL - Dragonfly swarm
NEW SAIL — Dragonfly swarm

Denmark’s Quorning Boats has expanded
its range of Dragonfly Swing Wing Trimarans with the introduction of a Standard version of the 35 and a new 32.

The marque’s Australian importer Windcraft said the Standard
brings to three
now available in the Dragonfly 35, and will carry a base price of $495,000.

The Standard is the same yacht as the DF35 Touring model, but features maple wood laminate instead of teak in a simpler interior fitout.

The all-new Dragonfly 32 fills the gap between the DF28 and DF35 and is described as a "scaled down" version of the latter and not trailable like the former.

There are two versions of the DF32 — the Touring with a shorter rig and the more powerful Tall model. Engine options include 20hp outboard, two-cylinder inboard diesel or electric drive. As standard, the boat is equipped with a tiller, but the cockpit has been designed and developed for wheel steering as well.

Windcraft expects the Dragonfly 32 to be available in Australia next year for $370,000.

For further information, phone (02) 9979 1709, email: or visit

Dragonfly 32

* Six 2m berths (double vee-berth forward, two main cabin easy-fold single berths, and aft cabin double berth)

* Maple wood interior (teak optional)

* Main cabin 1.95 m headroom (toilet 1.87m)

* All halyards and lines lead to cockpit

* Biggers floats for more speed

Dragonfly 32

Length overall: 9.8m (centre hull); 12.3m (folded)
Beam: 8.1m (max); 3.7m (folded)
Draft: 3.7m (w/ centreboard); 0.5m (w/o centreboard)
Weight: 3100kg
Water: 120lt
Fuel: 15lt (outboard); 60lt (diesel)
Rec. max engine HP: 30 (outboard); 20 (diesel)
Mast height (above deck): 14.7m (Touring); 16.2m (Tall)

Renderings: Dragonfly 32.


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