NEWS - Australians crow sales success at Miami

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Maritimo and Riviera at last month’s Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show, Florida

NEWS - Australians crow sales success at Miami
NEWS — Australians crow sales success at Miami

Australia’s big two luxury boatbuilders, Maritimo and Riviera, are both claiming record sales results from last month’s 23rd Miama Yacht & Brokerage Show, Florida.

Riviera said it had the best international boat show result in the past two years achieving 11 new-boat sales and exceeding conservative estimates. Maritimo said it registered sales from every geographic region of the USA as well as the Caribbean and South America from Miami, a record for the show.

Director of Riviera Yachts, Chris McCafferty said his company's new models had impressed the American market.
"This was an extremely successful show for Riviera with overall enquiry and sales up over 200 per cent from last year, further reinforcing Riviera’s reputation for quality and innovation, a tremendous achievement and a great start to 2011," McCafferty said.

According to Maritimo USA president, Dave Northrop: "With this result, we are looking at a great year. While the weather was on our side, the strongest factors were the preparation and performance of our dealers. The addition of HMY and Galati Yacht Sales to our team played an important role."

Maritimo’s Miami display included the 440 Offshore Convertible and C50 Sports Cabriolet — both on show for the first time outside of Australia — and a 550 Offshore Convertible and M56 Cruising Motoryacht, which sold. Maritimo said it registered a 30 per cent increase in registered visitor numbers over the previous year.

Among Riviera's sales at Miami, were two 43 Open Flybridges, two 5800 Sport Yachts, two 4400 Sport Yachts, one 5000 Sport Yacht and several flybridge models ranging 51 to 38 feet.

"These boats are bound for diverse boating destinations including, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Miami, Lake Michigan, Seattle, Canada and Bermuda," said McCafferty.

"We have several sales pending and were approached by prospective dealers requesting new dealerships in territories where Riviera currently does not have dealers. This further highlights the strong presence of the Riviera brand in the Americas as the economy starts to move forward," he said.

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Photos: Entry to Riviera's floating display; Maritimo USA’s John McCarthy (left) congratulates Roger and Gail Lockhart on buying their new Maritimo M56 Motoryacht at the Miami show; Maritimo at Miami; Riviera at Miami.


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