NEWS - Record ride on Big Wave

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Multihull Solutions sponsors solo record attempt

NEWS - Record ride on Big Wave
NEWS — Record ride on <I>Big Wave</I>

Australia and NZ’s multihull brokerage, Multihull Solutions, will sponsor a Sunshine Coast sailor’s attempt to break a world-record.

In June, Bruce Arms will embark to become the first person to sail a multihull yacht solo, non-stop and unassisted around Australia in a record-breaking 35 days.

The Mooloolaba-based boatbuilder and winner of the last two Solo Trans Tasman races will begin his challenge on June 4 from Mooloolaba.
He will sail his 14m Chamberlin performance-cruising catamaran Big Wave Rider north along the Australian coastline and through the Great Australian Bight before arriving home on July 10.

The existing record is 42 days, five hours, 31 minutes and 55 seconds, held by Ian Thomson, who started on May 5, 2010 and finished on June 16 that year.
Arms intends to break this multihull record, which will be registered with the World Record Speed Sailing Council (WRSSC).

The 50-year-old sailor was Jessica Watson’s manager for her famous solo circumnavigation in 2010.

While Arms is looking forward to the challenge, the seasoned sailor understands the risks are very real.

"It is a huge challenge, mostly because of all the islands and reefs in the way along mainland Australia," said Arms.

"I have to stay awake and remain very alert when passing through areas with a high concentration of reefs. On a fast multihull they can approach very quickly, so navigation has to be precise.

"I’m very confident I can do it. My experience and knowledge of various sailing environments stands me in good stead as I take on this challenge.
I’ve got a great support team and I am using the best equipment available so I have covered all the bases required to ensure I can achieve this goal," he said.

Multihull Solutions said it sponsors a variety of marine events throughout the region to help support multihull enthusiasts from all walks of life.

The Multihull Solutions Brisbane to Gladstone Multihull Yacht Race will be held in April, while the company is also the major sponsor of the popular Multihull Solutions Whitsunday Rendezvous in August/September 2011.

For further information, phone Multihull Solutions on (07) 5452 5164, email: or visit

Photo: The 14m Chamberlin catamaran Big Wave Rider Bruce Arms plans to circumnavigate Australia in 35 days.


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