RAFT-UPS - Spanish Riviera

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Riviera Fiesta on Sydney Harbour

RAFT-UPS - Spanish Riviera
RAFT-UPS — Spanish Riviera

As the sounds of a Spanish guitar and maracas filled the air, Ron Mussalli joined 40 Riviera owners onboard The Island for a Riviera Fiesta.

Hosted by R Marine Sydney, the Spanish Riviera Raft Up was held at Athol Bay earlier this month.

It was a hot, humid summer’s day and as the temperature soared above 40°C, revellers enjoyed a dip in the inflatable pool.

R Marine Sydney dealer principal, Michael Joyce said the vision for the event was to create a relaxed, simple and easy flowing day, where everyone could put their feet up and get into the Spanish theme.

"Our Spanish trio set the mood and got everybody up and dancing while enjoying our delicious cocktails. The cartoonists were a hit with children and adults alike," said Joyce.

For Mussalli and his family, this was the first time they had attended a Riviera event and he said he looks forward to the next one.

"We had a great day; the kids (aged 11, 15 and 19) had a ball," said Mussalli.

"It was good to meet with all the other Riviera owners and it was a fun theme, easy to dress-up for.

"Riviera gave us all a T-Shirt and cap with the Spanish Riviera logo on it, which was a nice memento to remember the day," he said.

Mussalli, a McDonald’s franchisee, owns a 51 Enclosed Flybridge which he named Fry Girl.

He bought Fry Girl in August 2010 and said his family enjoyed boating adventures around Sydney, Darling Harbour and up the Hawkesbury River.

"We have made many new friends through Riviera and we now have two groups of friends, our boating friends and our land friends," said Mussalli.

Joyce said R Marine Sydney’s Raft Up events always proved popular with Riviera owners, who enjoyed the chance to socialise and catch-up with other boat owners.

"The Spanish Riviera Raft Up has received a lot of positive feedback from our owners and before the day was over, we were already discussing new ideas for the next event, which for now remains a secret, but all I can say is, get your cocktail outfits ready," Joyce said.

For more information, please go to www.riviera.com.au

Photos: Rivieras anchor in Athol Bay; Owners boarded The Island for a day of festivities; The piniata was a hit with the kids; Riviera enthusiasts enjoy the Spanish theme; There was plenty of entertainment for the children; Relaxing on the comfy sun lounges; The inflatable pool was the place to cool off as temperatures soared above 40°C; The cartoonist was a hit with his caricatures.


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