NEWS - Breath of fresh air for Windy

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Windy Boats and Eidsgaard Design join forces on a new generation of boat interiors

NEWS - Breath of fresh air for Windy
NEWS — Breath of fresh air for Windy

Windy Boats of Norway has teamed up with renowned yacht and private-jet interior designer, Eidsgaard Design (EDL), on a "stunning" new interior vision for its latest generation of boats.

EDL has been charged with creating a distinctive new Windy interior aesthetic combining contemporary design and fine craftsmanship with clean lines and luxurious detailing. The first boats to feature the new interior will be the all-new Windy 31 Zonda weekender, the 40 Maestro high-performance family cruiser and the award-winning 44 Chinook hardtop sportscruiser.

Windy CEO, Knut Heiberg-Andersen said some partnerships were just "meant to be".

"I was on the point of contacting Peder Eidsgaard to discuss working together, when he called me out of the blue," said Heiberg-Andersen.

"I love his architectural approach to design, which makes every item of furniture beautiful in itself, while using subtle detailing to tie it in with its surroundings… the result is always exciting to look at, yet at the same time, balanced and harmonious.

"Together, I am confident that we can create something really special," he said.

The design concepts for the new interiors combine clean, neutral backgrounds with rich textile accents, walnut floor and finishes, and signature stainless steel details.

Rob de Graaf, director of Sydney's Graaf Marine,
feels this collaboration underlines the level of quality and luxury delivered by Windy Boats.

"Windy Boats look great, feel great, are finished immaculately and perform beautifully," said de Graaf. "Bringing in an award-winning design firm to further enhance the level of quality and luxury is more evidence of Windy’s target of securing the top spot in the luxury sportscruiser sector."

The first Windy 31 Zonda with EDL interior will be available from April and the new look Windy 40 Maestro and Windy 44 Chinook will be available later this year. Plans are also underway to transform the Windy 48 Triton, 52 Xanthos and 53 Balios.

London-based EDL specialises in the exterior and interior design of yachts and private jets. Established in 2005, its directors share more than 30 years combined yacht-design experience. The company was named Newcomer of the Year in the 2009 Superyachts Awards. Its most recent project — for which Eidsgaard Design is responsible for exterior and interior design, as well its 30-foot custom tender — is the 77.7m Tango to be launched by Feadship this summer.

Windy Boats are imported exclusively into Australia by Graaf Marine. Windy Boats, ranging from 25ft to 58ft, are hand-built luxury sportscruisers built in Norway and Sweden.

For further information, phone Graaf Marine on 1300 147 223 or visit:

Photo: The Windy 44 Chinook will be available later this year.


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