BOATING ALERT - Large-swell warning for NSW

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Southerly swells up to 3m and strong winds up to 30kts

BOATING ALERT - Large-swell warning for NSW
BOATING ALERT — Large-swell warning for NSW

NSW Maritime today issued an
urgent alert to boat skippers
and rock fishermen with
treacherous swells expected to impact much of the coast
for the next few days.

NSW Maritime chief executive, Steve Dunn said the Bureau of Meteorology was forecasting adverse conditions for small boats.

southerly swells
of up to 3m and strong winds up to 30kts are expected.

These conditions
should concern
anyone boating in coastal areas, particularly where skippers
are planning to head out to sea.

Following last weekend’s tragic rock-fishing drownings in Sydney, rock fishermen are advised to stay away from exposed headlands.

Coastal bar crossings can be treacherous, especially in such conditions, and boat-fishing around offshore reefs and near exposed rock platforms should be avoided.

These large ocean swells
are likely to cause extremely dangerous bar and offshore conditions.

Every skipper is responsible for the safety of their vessel and all onboard, and should routinely check
boating forecasts before
heading out.

NSW Maritime advises skippers should always:
* Check the official weather before and during boating;
* Ensure the boat and its equipment is suitable for the conditions;
* Log on/off with a Marine Rescue marine radio base for every trip offshore; and,
* Wear a lifejacket

If in doubt, don’t go out.

For more information on offshore boating safety, log on

For live
webcam vision of popular bar crossings, see

Official forecast at


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