NEWS - Australia-circumnavigation attempt postponed

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Unforeseen logistical issues delay Around Australia Sailing World Record try

NEWS - Australia-circumnavigation attempt postponed
NEWS — Australia-circumnavigation attempt postponed

Save Our Seas Ocean Racing has announced the postponement of the Around Australia Sailing World Record attempt.

Scheduled to commence this Wednesday, it has been put on hold due to unforseen logistical issues. The crew and Save Our Seas thanks all involved, especially sponsors, the marine industry and the media, for their support.

Save Our Seas said it remained committed to the world-record attempt and to their goal of raising awareness of the damage that plastics continue to do to our environment. We encourage all supporters to continue their own commitment to Save Our Seas and to the future record attempt.

Sailor Ian Thomson had planned to sail Jim Cooney’s big-race winning ocean racer Brindabella anti-clockwise around the continent to break the current circumnavigation record of 37 days 1 hour 23 minutes 57 seconds. Thomson set that time a year earlier on the water-ballasted yacht Kamikaze.

Map: The route planned for the delayed Save Our Seas Around Australia Sailing World Record attempt.


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