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Moored Clipper Regatta tender. Sunday breakfast doesn’t get much better than this. Moored Clipper Regatta tender.
Arch Cliffs Fraser Island Turquoise water at Arch Cliffs, Fraser Island. Arch Cliffs Fraser Island
Clipper Heriate 40 Amaroo Chris onboard his immaculate Clipper Heritage 40, Amaroo. Clipper Heriate 40 Amaroo
Clipper Cordova 40. Kaharangi, Clipper Cordova 40. Clipper Cordova 40.
Clipper Cordova 40 Dolphin, Clipper Cordova 40, leaving Tin Can Bay Marina. Clipper Cordova 40
Hudson Bay 50 leads fleet. The Hudson Bay 50, Free Time, leads the fleet. Hudson Bay 50 leads fleet.
glorious sunset One of many glorious sunsets. glorious sunset
beach cricket Fraser Island Perfect weather for beach cricket on Fraser Island. beach cricket Fraser Island
Pirate dress up. The Best-dressed crew make quite the entrance. Pirate dress up.
Clipper Club The Clipper Club! Clipper Club
Succulent spit roast on the beach. Succulent spit roast on the beach. Succulent spit roast on the beach.
Bonfires and beach BBQs. Bonfires and beach BBQs. Bonfires and beach BBQs.
Whales near shore. Mother and calf casually swimming around the boats. Whales near shore.
Scurfing behind a tender. Scurfing behind the tender. Scurfing behind a tender.

Highlights from the fourth annual Clipper Motor Yachts regatta.

New Clipper Cordova 45, Sublime, passing the Coloured Sands.

Clipper Motor Yachts recently held its fourth annual Fraser Island Regatta, an exciting 10-day adventure joined by a fleet of 15 boats.

It was the biggest regatta to date for Clipper, with the fleet enjoying the cruise from Coomera along the Fraser Coast, covering the anchorages of Peel Island, Mooloolaba, Arch Cliffs, Kingfisher Bay and Tin Can Bay.

The fleet consisted of a range of boats including five Clipper Heritage 40s, two Cordova 45s, a Cordova 48 and 60, Hudson Bay 50, Jeanneau 36, Princess 56 and 67, Ocean Fast, and 42ft Leopard Cat.

First-timers on the trip got to experience (among other things) whale season in full swing — with many of the cetaceans venturing close to where the boats were moored.

Evenings consisted of relaxing around the fire, beach BBQs with beautiful cuts of wagyu steak and succulent spit roasts. Each boat showed off their best-dressed crew costumes on the Monday night and live music and dancing at the Black Cockatoo restaurant in Tin Can Bay on Thursday night was another highlight.

Blessed with great weather, it was a cruising experience not to be forgotten and not to be missed next year.

Visit Clipper Motor Yachts for more information on Clipper events and regattas.


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