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Horizon yard carbon fibre structure A couple from Horizon’s R&D team put the final touches to a carbon fibre structural component. Horizon yard carbon fibre structure
Horizon Directoru Russell Wright Horizon Motor Yachts Australia director Russell Wright testing the weight of the carbon fibre structure. Horizon Directoru Russell Wright

The Horizon RP110 was built with the yard’s new lightweight structural construction processes.

The R&D department at Taiwan’s Horizon Motor Yachts has been busy developing more durable and lightweight superstructures and parts for its collection of luxury motoryachts. The goal is to improve speed and reduce fuel consumption without compromising safety and quality.

"We have invested many years and much R&D into this area of yacht manufacturing, focusing on moulds, materials and construction methods that enhance the strength and reduce the weight of our yachts," says Horizon. "We are happy to announce that Horizon has succeeded in developing much lighter superstructures for our yachts, with hull number one of the Horizon RP110 raised pilothouse superyacht the first to benefit from this new lightweight superstructure."

Horizon said its structural design team is now creating moulds with much higher rigidity in order to reduce the possibility of mould deformation and tooling joints. According to the yard the use of new materials combined with carbon fibre prolong not only the life of the mould but also the consistency of finished parts.

"The moulds and parts maintain the same strength and rigidity but with the added advantage of a greatly reduced final weight," adds Horizon. "With R&D ongoing at Horizon, we are now able to utilise some of the processes used in the aviation and aerospace industries to create parts that are consistent, durable, rigid and 30 per cent lighter than previously ever thought possible."

Built with Horizon’s new lightweight structural construction processes, the newly-launched Horizon RP110 is said to have reduced weight and draft, increased speed and a lower centre of gravity for high-speed cruising and comfort.

More information on Horizon’s advanced build methods and developments can be found in the Tech Talk section of the company newsletter, available by subscribing via the hmya.com.au website.


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