Riviera appoints Singapore dealership Reel Torque Yachts

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Singapore Riviera dealer Olivia Branson Singapore Riviera dealer Olivia Branson.

Riviera appoints Singapore dealership Reel Torque Yachts
The appointment of Singapore dealer Reel Torque Yachts will extend the luxury boat brand into Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Riviera chief executive Wes Moxey said the appointment of respected marine industry and marketing professional Olivia Branson and her team would further the brand in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Naming Reel Torque Yachts as a new Riviera and Belize dealer will also provide additional support, assistance and social opportunities to the growing number of Riviera and Belize owners who keep their boats in the region.

"Olivia Branson has an intimate knowledge of the Riviera yachts, having been a Riviera owner herself for 17 years," Moxey said.

"She also knows the territory intimately, having chalked up over 20,000nm cruising and exploring the waters of South East Asia aboard luxurious, long-range Rivieras."

Ms Branson said Riviera’s diverse range caters to a wide range of boating styles and tastes.

"With Riviera we have a time-proven luxury motor yacht line with a 35-year heritage in the region that we will now proudly be representing, and this is a very positive move forward for our dealership," she said.





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