Windcraft Group takes on Lagoon multihulls

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Australia’s largest monohull yacht sales company, the Windcraft Group, has announced it will represent Lagoon catamarans.

Windcraft Group takes on Lagoon multihulls
The Windcraft Group will open a new branch called The Multihull Group, operating from four locations on the Australian east coast.

The Windcraft Group represents Dehler, Hanse, Moody, Solaris and Brenta yachts under the Team Windcraft banner. A new branch called The Multihull Group will see French-built Lagoon catamarans added to the list.

New managing director of The Multihull Group, John Cowpe, has a strong connection with the Lagoon brand. According to the Windcraft Group, Cowpe’s intention will be to restore the Lagoon catamarans back to the number one spot in Australia.

"We are the market leaders in providing the Australian market with the right product and the appropriate level of service," said Cowpe. "Taking on Lagoon effectively completes the circle in our product portfolio," he said.

The Multihull Group will operate four locations on the east coast of Australia. Lagoon Catamarans cover a wide range of sail and power multihull boats from 38-63ft. 


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