GALLERY - lovely ladies to dock at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club

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Whyte, Just & Moore Wooden boat festival sneak peek

GALLERY - lovely ladies to dock at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club
GALLERY – lovely ladies to dock at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club

Australia’s oldest ship reconstruction, Notorious, opens for inspection when she graces the Royal Geelong Yacht Club for The Whyte, Just & Moore Wooden Boat festival, March 11-12. Shejoins a growing line-up of lovingly restored and maintained classic wooden yachts, speedboats, cruisers and steam boats from here around the world.

Festival goers will get to test their sea legs aboard some of the touring beauties, watch traditional yacht races, and catch the adventures Lin and Larry Pardey, who have voyaged more than 200,000 nautical miles on self-built engine-free wooden boats.

Traditional boatbuilding demonstrations include chalking, laminating, steam bending, and boat maintenance. Other entertainment includes appearances by Cap’n Jack Sparrow, Colin Mockett, and Shirley Power, plus historic imagery and footage on display all weekend.



1. Notorious is a 15th Century, caravel-style replica inspired by the legendary, shipwrecked Mahogany ship. She was built by amateur boat builder Graeme Wylie entirely from reclaimed timber.

2.Storm Bay was built for fisherman George Bridge in 1925, designed by Alf Blore and was built by Percy Coverdale at Battery Point, Tasmania. The 54ft boat has blue gum frames, with hull and decks planked with Huon pine. Some of the planks are the full length, 52ft in a curve.

3. Australia’s famousSayonara was built by G F Garrard, then Commodore of the RYCV. The fast-cruising yawl of Scottish design was built in Adelaide, launched in November 1897, and cruised to Melbourne in record time. She was restored in 1997 from copies of the original drawings courtesy Fairley’s of Scotland, and was recommissioned at Royal Yacht Club of Victoria in August 2000.

4. Torea is a Bermudian cutter and a fine example of a classic yacht from the late 1930s. Carvel built with Oregon planking above water line with spotted gum below. She has copper and bronze fastenings and her deck material is of the original kauri timber planking overlaid with plywood/fibreglass; copper and bronze fastenings.

5. La Belle Limone is a twin engine Riva Aquarama Super offshore speedboat with a top speed 87kts. She was built in 1970 by Cantieri Riva in Sarnico, Italy, and designed by Carlo Riva. La Belle is constructed of African mahogany and European beech and has an overall length of 8.5m, beam of 2.1m and draws 0.75m.

6. The 18ft long, 6ft wide little steam boat, Firefly II has a draft of approx. 2ft 6ins. The basic design is a scruffie marine 16ft day boat, built from a kit with a modified interior. The decks are planked and a canopy has been fitted to make it more comfortable.


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