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The Australian boat manufacturing industry is renowned for innovation, design capabilities, and quality workmanship whilst providing practical solutions for challenging marine and freshwater environments.

Boat Manufacturers
Boat Manufacturers

With boat manufacturing revenue fluctuating widely over the past few years, it is expected the industry will recover somewhat after the high value of the Australia dollar and effects of the global economic downturn reduced demand for boat manufacturing in Australia and around the world.

Legend aluminium boat manufacturers has established a strong position in the Australian aluminium boat manufacturing industry, building commercial boats, fishing boats, boats for the off-shore oil industry, and charter boats, all in the under 25 m range. Legend aluminium boats are manufactured individually for quality and excellence in design and functioning.

Crafted and manufactured by the Haines family company, the Signature range of fibre glass boats features world-class patented Variable Deadrise Hull "SVDH" technology that offers real stability at rest compared to other deep V hulls, and lower planning speeds for a safer, flatter, more economical journey. Manufacturing these fibre glass boats with this unique hull design means water flow creates a large amount of lift, as a consequence less power is needed to produce outstanding performance.

Melbourne is the home of award-winning ski boat manufacturers Skicraft. This world-class ski boat manufacturing facility has created ski boats that are renowned both in Australia and around the world. Using cutting-edge technology, Skicraft ski boats are manufactured to offer a smooth ride with little bow lift and consistent turning, and features noise reduction systems in the hull and engine box. Skicraft ski boats can be manufactured to a client's exact specifications, with a variety of seating and engine choices and options available.

Australian house boat manufacturers have also developed a reputation for building customised quality house boats that more than meet customers' needs. House boat manufacturers Baldwin Boats are renowned for delivering reliable boats that offer a superior strength to weight ratio without compromising on looks. Their state of the art house boat manufacturing facility brings accomplished and highly skilled plumbers, electricians, fitters and turners, fibreglassers, and house boat technicians together to create boats that are unique in both quality and design.


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