Fastest Boat in the World

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The very modern and innovatively designed engineered QM2 is currently the fastest cruise ship in the world.

Fastest Boat in the World
Fastest Boat in the World

Powered by an environmentally friendly plant generated with four enormous diesel engines and two gas turbines, the world's fastest cruise ship has a normal cruising speed between 24 and 26 knots, and is capable of speeds up to 30 knots.

The Maersk Beaumont, along with her six sister ships, are the fastest modern container ships in the world, and were built to carry goods from China to the east coast of America at speeds of nearly 30 knots. These fast ships have twelve cylinders, whose linings alone weigh eight tonnes each.

The fastest boats in the world are capable of speeds of over 155 km/h in calm waters. Cigarette boats with a length of 10 to 15 m are the world's fastest small boats, built for elegance and speed and powered by two or more muscular engines.

The current fastest boat in the world is the "Spirit of Australia", a boat that holds the world water speed record. Built by Ken Warby in his back yard, The Spirit was made of wood and fibreglass and is driven by a 6000 horsepower Westinghouse jet engine. The water speed record was set on the 8th October 1978 at Blowering Dam in New South Wales, with a speed of 511.1 km/h being recorded.

The world's fastest yacht is the "World is Not Enough", a luxury 43 m super-yacht built by Millennium Super-yachts in 2004. This yacht has a top speed of 70 knots, and is powered by two Paxman 18-cylinder diesel engines with a combined power of 10,870 hp, with an extra 9,200 hp added by two TF80 Lycombing turbines. This luxurious and powerful super-yacht offers minimum levels of noise and little vibration, and can travel to about 3,800 nm.


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