Sailing Safely In Australia

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With extensive, stunning coastline and spectacular inland waterways around the country, Australia provides opportunities to experience sailing whatever your level of skill, experience or confidence.

Sailing Safely In Australia
Learning To Sail Safely in Australia

There are so many ways to begin sailing AND you don't even need a boat to start. There are nearly 400 sailing clubs throughout the country, 60,000 members and more than 100,000 Australians regularly sailing, so if you're a club member or just looking for a boat owner needing crew - there are so many options available.

From social sailing to ocean racing, sailing is a great fun and affordable, recreation or sport. So what type will you choose?

If you'd like to go into a non-competitive environment, social sailing is a great introduction to the rivers, coast, and inland lakes around the country.

Sailing clubs offer a wide variety of programs to introduce you to non-competitive sailing, depending on their resources and location. Designs and scale of sail boats differ markedly from dinghies to multimillion dollar maxi yachts, and clubs may either specialise in one type of boat or offer variety.

Sailing Safety Tips For The Beginner

If intending to start safely on a sail boat, what do you need?

Firstly a basic level of fitness is required with a suggested ability to swim at least 50m.

Life jackets or personal floatation devices (PFD) are essential and must be worn at all times on a dinghy and on a keel-boat (or other larger craft) whenever the conditions are appropriate.

Although specialist clothing isn't essential, you'll want to have casual, comfortable, warm clothes and if it's a small sail boat - you're likely to get wet.

A wet-suit and older shoes are suggested if it's a small boat, with a warm woolen jumper, sailing gloves and a hat.

If the boat is a yacht or powerboat, don't forget you'll need non-slip deck shoes with white soles ( so you don't mark the boat).

Keep your hair tied back and any minimise jewellery or accessories that can tangle up while sailing and keep your valuables securely packed away so you can focus on sailing or maneuvering around the deck.

As a novice you most importantly need to know the experienced sailors maxim - "One hand for the boat, one hand for yourself" …always hold on to something on the boat. After all, you want to go out on the water - not go into it!


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