Yacht Charters

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A boat or yacht charter gives you the independence and freedom of choice to cruise some of the most impressive yacht charter locations in Australia.

Yacht Charters
Yacht Charters

These famed private and luxury boat and yacht charter settings include the magnificent Great Barrier Reef with its miles of snorkeling, fishing and diving, historical Tasmania, the world's largest sand island Fraser Island, picturesque Sydney harbour with access to the vibrant city itself, remote and beautiful Western Australia, and the delights of the Whitsundays.

Chartering a yacht, boat, or luxury yacht in Australia does require some preparation and planning in order to enjoy the benefits of yacht charter, this includes finding the right size, type, and price of yacht to suite your particular needs, and organising flights and other travel details. If you have limited experience skippering a yacht or boat then it is advisable to charter a yacht that is simple and easy to operate and limit cruising to locations that are protected from bad weather. A crewed and skippered luxury chartered yacht or motor yacht is a great way to enjoy a stress-free and pampered cruising holiday.

Luxury yachts that are available to charter can vary in style, size and use, from classic sailboats to modern and stylish motor boats. Chartering a crewed luxury yacht is surprisingly often as affordable as an exclusive hotel, and offers professional service with the freedom of cruising in absolute luxury, comfort and style.


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