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Take a pleasant ferry ride from the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show and you’ll soon arrive at the Riviera Festival of Boating.



According to Riviera marketing manager Stephen Milne the Riviera Festival of Boating is all about "bringing Riviera owners and their friends together from around the world."

In 2014 the Riviera Festival of Boating celebrated its third year. This year the show went for a full four days and presented no less than 76 educational and social events. They include events showing ladies how to drive boats, navigational lessons, navigational challenges, four marquees based around education, and four key social events catering for up to 450 people.

"We have the ladies on their own, we’ve got the guys on their own, and we’ve also got couples," says Milne. "Riviera’s philosophy is very much to get couples to go boating together, to give them the confidence to be able to use their boat, to be able to go up from to the Whitsundays and spend a lot more time on their boat."



The 2014 Riviera Festival of Boating also saw the world-release of the Riviera 515 SUV. Milne says there has been considerable interest in the SUV series because it’s a crossover between a sport yacht and a flybridge yacht. In fact, that’s where the term "SUV" comes from.

The Riviera 515 SUV has the one-level living of a sport yacht paired with the offshore capability and large cockpit of a Riviera flybridge.

Riviera also makes the bespoke Belize motoryacht line, which appeal to more traditional boat owners.

In all, Riviera makes boats from 36 to 75ft across four different model series.



"We have a family around the world," adds Milne. "5000 boat owners in 60 different countries and they all go boating together. And we organise trips. We’re going to the San Juan Islands. I’m going there to meet with 40 other Riviera owners to do a cruise there from Seattle up to San Juan."

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