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Greg Nickerson, managing director of Northside Marine, reminisces about the good ol' days.



40 Years On

When I was asked to provide a guest comment for Trade-a-Boat, I considered a number of subjects that I’ve witnessed over my 40-plus years in trailer boat retail. But the number one thing that stood out to me was how different a simple offshore fishing trip is now, compared to when I started. So I thought I’d share a small snapshot of the past, which I believe will be a ‘walk down memory lane’ for some and a ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’ for others – either way, let me take you back.


It’s the mid-70s, you’re 12 years old and you’re heading off for a morning fish. Your dad’s taking you and your best fishing mate out, miles from land. The boat launches with a big, powerful, thirsty 235hp Johnno on the back. It kicks into life as 2 stroke fumes mingle with the morning air and fill up your lungs. Heading out of the harbour you work your way up the coast a few miles until you near ‘the secret spot’.

Line up the water tower with the large pine tree – getting close. Next, turn on the paper sounder and the lead stylus traces a vague outline of the bottom, compare that to the bit of sounder paper from the last trip and bingo! You’re there (sorta). Time to drop the anchor.

Up to the front of the boat you go, bend out the prongs of the galvo reef anchor and muscle it overboard. All locked in, you dive into the bait esky for the pillies and you’re ready to fish!


Fast forward some 40-odd years.

Another early morning fish, but you’re not a 12 year old any more; now you’re the skipper for your son and his best fishing mate. You start your 4 stroke 425hp Yammie – no fumes – it idles with a whisper before you glide out of that very same harbour. Pick a way-point on the latest flat screen GPS/Sounder combo and you turn toward the precise spot where you smashed them last week. Engage the autopilot and settle in for the ride up the coast.

The GPS rouses you from your relaxation as you arrive at the destination. Now to anchor up. No need to send the anchor boy forward any more, simply deploy the Minn Kota from the remote control and hit the ‘spot lock’ function. Roll out the soft plastics and you’re into it!

There’s one thing, however, that hasn’t changed over all these years: the fun and excitement boating and fishing brings when shared with family and friends.

Now we look forward and embrace the next 40 years of advancement. My tip for the future – foiling in mainstream trailerable power boats. Bring it on!

You can check out what's happening at Northside Marine over at their website.

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