No more antifouling with Boat Sure

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New ultra-sonic treatment

No more antifouling with Boat Sure
No more antifouling with Boat Sure

The use of antifouling coatings and paints might come to an end with the commercial release in Australia of Boat Sure digital ultra-sonic antifouling technology, says the manufacturer Sure Systems.

The company said the Boat Sure device is easy to install, attaching to the hull with no skin fitting or dry docking required.

Sure Systems said Boat Sure uses a boat’s hull as an amplifier and emits inaudible ultrasonic sound waves that remove and prevent the growth of algae and bio-film, which barnacles, molluscs, sea pocks and the like adhere to.

Without algae and bio-film, there is no surface to adhere to and no food source for the abovementioned animals. So they simply fall way, searching elsewhere for nourishment.

Sure Systems said Boat Sure offers a wide range of benefits, such as: no more antifouling while the unit is operating; a reduction in drag which maximises fuel economy and boat speed; cost effectiveness by reducing down-time and maintenance; 100 per cent eco-friendliness, causing no harm to marine or aquatic life; and, promoting cleaner, safer waterways.

Sure Systems says it offers solutions for all water-based applications where algae, pathogens and bio-film accumulate, including marinas, lakes, ponds, pools, cooling towers, and cooling intakes.

For more information, phone Sure Systems on (03) 9335 3577 or visit


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