PFD Australia's comfortable and versatile jacket for women

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Versatile with a proper fit

PFD Australia's comfortable and versatile jacket for women
PFD Australia’s comfortable and versatile jacket for women

PFD Australia said it has found all PFD’s were uncomfortable for fishing — all had to be zipped up to be legal — and none were a snug fit. So they designed the Storm Rider series. Their patented front opening system is unique. When deployed, the jacket sits on your chest with the bright bladder fully exposed, keeping the user’s head above the water in a correct position. The front opening system allows the PFD to be made in dark and multi colours, and with the buckle fastened, Storm Rider series are the only Personal Flotation Device that can legally be worn unzipped and open.

Still, women were not catered for, so PFD Australia released a great fit for women, a two-in-one jacket, including removable sleeves and hood that convert the jacket into a vest — great for the warmer weather.

Ladies jackets are now available in Stormrider Pro two-tone series, which has reflective silver piping between the two colours, plus features waterproof fabric and bonded softshell with four-way stretch. The jackets are available in three colour groups — red-silver-red, red-silver-white and red-silver-navy — and have a recommended retail price of $350.

PFD Australia’s Storm Rider series are supported by a product insurance cover of $10 million, and backed by an unconditional seven-day money back guarantee on all products. They are confident that your Storm Rider PDF will become your favourite fishing accessory!

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