Protect your engine against modern fuel

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New product from Quicksilver

Protect your engine against modern fuel
Protect your engine against modern fuel

With the advent of lead-free, low-sulphur, and ethanol-enhanced fuel, modern boat owners need to be extra vigilant to protect their engines and entire fuel systems from considerable damage, says Mercury Marine.

This is why Quicksilver has created its new "Fuel System Treatment & Stabilizer" — to eliminate the problems of modern day fuel.

Modern fuel now degrades in a matter of weeks, which is a major issue for thousands of recreational boat owners around Australia who regularly take breaks from the water, said Mercury Marine.

Designed to be used in all two or four-stroke petrol and diesel engines, Quicksilver’s "Fuel System Treatment & Stabilizer" allows boat owners to safely leave fuel in their engines and fuel tanks for extended periods of time.

By preventing the formation of gum, varnish and sediment in dormant fuel systems, Mercury Marine said Quicksilver’s "Fuel System Treatment & Stabilizer" protects engines, fuel tanks and fuel lines against chemical damage, deposits and clogs which could cost thousands of dollars.

For the most effective results, Quicksilver’s "Fuel System Treatment & Stabilizer" should be added to your fuel tank before filling with fuel, said Mercury Marine.

For greater peace of mind — and to eliminate the need to drain your engine and fuel system — Mercury Marine said to simply add Quicksilver’s "Fuel System Treatment & Stabilizer" to your fuel tank.

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