NEWS - Dunbier glides out another new trailer range

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Dunbier rolls out its Glider Series trailers for boats from 5.3m to 7.5m

NEWS - Dunbier glides out another new trailer range
NEWS - Dunbier glides out another new trailer range

Dunbier Marine Products’ new Glider Series trailers is said to offer superior support for boats ranging 5.3m to 7.5m.

Built on fully-rolled and galvanised frames, Dunbier said the Glider Series is available in a roller version and a skid pad version. The roller version features adjustable roller assemblies to support the sides of the hull, while the skid version incorporates polyurethane over galvanised skids which run beneath the length of the hull.

Dunbier said each version of the Glider Series features a unique central keel support system, comprising strong durable polyurethane rollers which provide superior support for boat hulls.

The side Teflon supports, featured on every model, also ensure the boat self-centres in all conditions and provide additional support during long-distance towing, said the company. Coupled with the Dunbier designed and built U-shaped cross member, the Glider Series is said to make launching and retrieving a breeze in most ramp conditions.

As with all its trailers, Dunbier said every steel component — axles, springs, U-bolts, bolts and nuts — used in the construction of the Glider Series has been hot-dip galvanised or Dacroment coated for ultimate durability in Australia’s harsh marine environment.

Fitted with LED waterproof lights and high-impact lenses, Dunbier said the new Glider Series is available through the company’s extensive national dealer network, and has a recommended retail price from $4,200.

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