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CTEK’s new Comfort Indicator allows boat operators to check their battery health at all times

Get comfortable
Get comfortable

Bengt Wahlqvist, the founder and CEO of CTEK, says that more than 70 per cent of all batteries thought to be defective are merely flat or deeply discharged. It’s a problem that costs boat operators a lot of time and money but CTEK says it has a solution with its Comfort Indicator, a patented new technology designed to allow operators to easily check their battery health.

The Comfort Indicator is an easy to use device that attaches to a battery and provides a straightforward indication of battery charge levels using an LED "traffic light" system. A green light indicates a fully charged and healthy battery; a yellow light alerts the operator that battery charging is recommended to prevent a flat battery; and a red warning light indicates that the battery is flat and could be damaged if not charged immediately.

The Comfort Indicator can be permanently attached to a battery, unlike conventional battery testing methods. Like all CTEK products, it has also been fitted with CTEK’s Comfort Connect system that allows it to be attached to the appropriate CTEK charger for easy battery charging.

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