Stop stressing out

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There's a reason they're called Stressfree Marine winches

Stop stressing out
Stop stressing out

Stressfree Marine, the manufacturer of the world’s first freefall drum winch, celebrates its 10th anniversary with the release of the Next Generation (NG) Series of freefall winches.

All NG Series models make anchoring a breeze, even in deep water, because the freefall system is engineered into the winch.

The NG Series feature a superfast freefall of 600ft per minute. It can also power "up" and "down" and will retrieve at 80ft to 90ft per minute. All models come with a heavy duty maintenance-free gearbox while the Free Fall mechanism can be retro-fitted as an aftermarket purchase.

The NG Series is a fast, stylish and strong anchor winch with the latest metal finish. Once the winch hits the bottom, the drum’s revolution speed slows and then stops, taking the guess work out of anchoring and making overruns a thing of the past

For information about the new NG Series of winches, visit or phone 0407 717 900.


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