Be found... Fast!

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The Fast Find 211 could save your life

Be found... Fast!
Be found… Fast!

The Fast Find 211 is a powerful waterproof 406 distress beacon with a built-in integral 50-channel GPS for additional pinpoint location.

The 211 transmits two simultaneous signals. One is via the global 406 MHz search and rescue satellite system frequency, and the other is on the 121.5MHz frequency, for pinpointing a local recovery response.

Once activated, the Fast Find will transmit at a powerful 5W output for at least 24 hours. The unit also includes a unique manually activated SOS LED flash light facility, for assisting the user’s recovery during night time.

The Fast Find will operate in temperatures down to -20°C and its battery has a five year storage life.

This life saver is available from Ami Sales. Visit for more information.


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