Get into fitness

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This IPX7 waterproofed standard personal training watch is ideal for outdoor sports lovers

Get into fitness
Get into fitness

If you’re into fitness training or want to know exactly how fast yoyu're going then this new waterproof heart-rate monitor with GPS capability will keep you ahead of the field.

The GS-625M Outdoor Personal Training Watch — designed for running, cycling, kayaking and other specialist sports — has a heart-rate monitoring and GPS unit built into a 73g-wrist display. This Personal Trainer shows the performance of the user in real time, which can be downloaded later.

Each screen can be customised by the user to show a combination of average heart rate; maximum heart rate; average speed; maximum speed; distance travelled; calories burnt, and many more statistics.

Waterproof to IPX7 standard, and powered by a rechargeable 11-hour Lithium-ion battery, the GS Sport GH-625M will work under extreme conditions.
RRP is $349.

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