NEW PRODUCTS - Flexico Storage and Floors

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Upgrade your boatshed with storage and durable floor systems from Flexico

NEW PRODUCTS - Flexico Storage and Floors
NEW PRODUCTS - Flexico Storage and Floors

Imagine this. You are driving back home to your berth and the façade of your house and boatshed look fantastic. But when you hit the button to open the garage or shed door you are faced with mess: empty boxes of tackle, boating bits, and all the things that don’t fit into your cruiser or yacht and hanging around as though it were a tip.

This is a scenario typical of the household garage and/or boatshed. What’s more, many waterfront homes are built with the garage as the main thoroughfare for the residents, meaning the mess cannot be easily avoided, and a boatshed fronting the water. Yet these essential storage rooms often remain the most unloved.

Rather than becoming the dumping ground for "stuff", a spacious well-planned storage room can be a real asset. Flexico said it realises as much and offers a range of products that can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual with big-storage needs.

First, the flooring. Flexifloor was designed in Switzerland 18 years ago for use in the automotive industry, and European manufacturers such as Ferrari and Mercedes use it in their businesses because of its neat look, durability and 12-year warranty.

Flexico said the flooring system is resistant to most chemicals, meaning there is no need to worry about staining the floor while looking after your boat and/or car. The flooring system is easy to clean and virtually slip-resistant, so there is less chance of accidents occurring from spilled liquids or water that’s drained from a bunghole.

Paul Cook from Flexico says the flooring is simple to install and can be done by almost anyone or Flexico can fit it for you. Another advantage of the floating modular system is that it can be taken with you if you move.

Next, the all-important storage. Flexico said it provides a variety of storage facilities including a terrific wall-panel system. The so-called Flexiwall makes the most of the ample space available on any wall and can be used to hang tools, watersports equipment or for a storage system of drawers for nuts and bolts and all those boating bits.

The company also offers a versatile range of storage components that can be custom-designed to complement the space you are working with.

The Hercke range of cabinets and drawers come in stainless steel or silver powder coating, and if a bench top is included, a range of products and finishes is offered to reflect personal style. A sink can be added to the design and the entire range is completely weatherproof and, therefore, ideal for waterfront applications.

The process of creating your Flexico system is very "hands on" said Flexico adding that a design consultant will meet you on-site to discuss how to make the most of the existing space and take into account what you want to achieve, how much space is available and your budget. The consultant will put together a plan using the Hercke configuration software, which allows you to see what everything will look like without lifting a finger.

For more information, phone Flexico Queensland on (07) 5527 2012 or visit


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