NEW PRODUCTS - Jeppesen Marine and Raymarine unite for an unrivaled navigation experience

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C-MAP by Jeppesen Cartography preloaded in new E-Series Widescreen with HybridTouch Display

NEW PRODUCTS - Jeppesen Marine and Raymarine unite for an unrivaled navigation experience
NEW PRODUCTS - Jeppesen Marine and Raymarine unite for an unrivaled navigation experience

Marine electronics manufacturer Raymarine and navigation company Jeppesen Marine have announced that C-MAP by Jeppesen Cartography will come standard on the new Raymarine E-Series Widescreen with HybridTouch multifunction display.

Raymarine said its E-Series Widescreen customers will also have the option to upgrade to Jeppesen Marine’s new C-MAP 4D cartography, which offers boaters a virtual 3D world display enhanced with satellite photos and Jeppesen Marine’s unrivaled navigation detail and accuracy.

"Both Jeppesen and Raymarine have a long history of quality, customer loyalty and leading the charge in introducing new technology to our respective markets," said James Detar, director of Light Marine for Jeppesen Marine.
"We’re eager to meld those two histories together to redefine the future of marine navigation and literally change the way boaters see their world."

Raymarine said the addition of C-MAP by Jeppesen charts means its customers will have access to the most up-to-date navigation information available. Because Jeppesen Marine maintains a constant focus on updating its database, it said, the entire product lineup — C-MAP NT+, C-MAP MAX, and the new C-MAP 4D — is updated at least twice per year.

"The E-Series Widescreen and C-Map 4D Cartography will significantly enhance the navigation experience for recreational boaters," said Peter Ward, executive chairman of Raymarine.

"We share Jeppesen’s unwavering commitment to quality and accuracy, and we’re excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring. After seeing the E-Series Widescreen with C-MAP by Jeppesen charts we think our customers will be as well," he said.

Three versions of the E-Series Widescreen display are available preloaded with the choice of US, Europe, Oceania, Asia and South America coastal charts.

Customers can choose to upgrade to C-MAP 4D from Jeppesen Marine to experience 3D charting for improved situational awareness and satellite image overlay. In addition, C-MAP 4D charts provide access to raster charts, giving boaters an on-screen view of their familiar paper navigation charts. C-MAP 4D is also future proof, allowing boaters to easily update and add new data to their existing charts.

For more information about Raymarine’s new E-Series Widescreen with HybridTouch, phone (02) 9479 4800 or visit For details on C-MAP by Jeppesen cartography, visit


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