BOOKS - Fishes of the Open Ocean

New book from Dr Julian Pepperell

BOOKS - Fishes of the Open Ocean
BOOKS – Fishes of the Open Ocean

Fans of Trade-a-Boat’s Marine Life column will be pleased to know our resident marine biologist, Dr Julian Pepperell, has a new book out and just in time for Christmas.

For fishos and fish aficionados alike, the Fishes of the
is, according to our good doctor, the first publication to describe these fishes and detail their biology and the complex, often fragile world in which they live.

This unique guide, with a RRP of $59.95 and published by UNSW Press, provides information on all major species — billfishes, tuna and pelagic sharks and rays — as well as insights into many lesser known ones, including flying fish, lancetfish, giant sunfish, and the enigmatic oarfish.

The book features global distribution maps, original illustrations from renowned artist Guy Harvey and stunning images from the world’s leading underwater photographers that allow for ready species identification. Divers, anglers, mariners and anyone with an interest in the ocean will find this book an essential reference.

Books are available from good book stores, however, a limited edition copy, numbered and signed by both Julian Pepperell and Guy Harvey, can be purchased direct from the author (through Loani Prior, phone: 0417 613 138 or email:
with your inquiries).


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