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WatchMate part of Jessica Watson’s equipment in world record attempt

PRODUCTS - Vesper Marine AISWatchMate
PRODUCTS — Vesper Marine AISWatchMate

Teenage adventurer Jessica Watson chose the AISWatchMate for her on-board AIS solution when she departed on her solo around-the-world sailing challenge, said Vesper Marine.

The company said the WatchMate is a sophisticated collision warning instrument that is easy to use. As a dedicated safety tool it is said to provide mariners with advance warnings, features prioritisation, and filtering capabilities that eliminate the clutter and complexity associated with other AIS solutions. Vesper Marine said it believes safety is too important to be buried in complicated menus or user interfaces. As a result the WatchMate's intuitive interface provides concise and relevant data at those times when it's needed most.

Jessica Watson aims to set the world record for youngest unassisted solo sailor to circumnavigate and Vesper Marine said the WatchMate provides her with a valuable watch keeping tool that uses the safety benefits of AIS to help increase situational awareness of surrounding marine traffic. As an added bonus it also has very low power consumption.

The system was installed aboard Ella's Pink Lady by Vesper Marine agents Aquatronics Marine in Brookvale, NSW. Visit for more information.


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