PRODUCTS - Eco Trailerwash system

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Eco Trailerwash uses up to 80 percent less water to wash down a trailer, says Dunbier

PRODUCTS - Eco Trailerwash system
PRODUCTS — Eco Trailerwash

Dunbier Marine Products has been appointed an official distributor of the Eco Trailerwash system.

Sold in kit form, the Eco Trailerwash is a clever network of poly tubing and nozzles that are fitted to the trailer frame and connected to the water supply via a standard hose fitting. The nozzles, which are positioned all around the trailer, can be adjusted to spray specific areas such as wheel hubs, brake systems and axles.

Dunbier says this system is more effective than rinsing with a hose, since it uses a fine mist to simultaneously spray around the entire trailer. This thoroughly washes the trailer as well as the bottom of the hull.

According to Dunbier, this setup uses up to 80 per cent less water compared to a standard hose.

The kit comes complete with 25m of poly tubing and all required fittings, gal screws and nozzles.

Suitable for: Trailers up to 8m
RRP: $99
To order: Visit for stockists


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